Wednesday, October 24, 2007

DND Campaign for January

To The Noble Allies of Alaeth,
Under the Authority of the Senate Grand,

At the behest of High Senators

The Mighty Kojuk, High Senator of War.
The Wise Brittlewisp, High Senator of the People.
The Lawful Dashiel, High Senator of Justice.
The Divine Krikt, High Senator of Faith.
The Voice Arala, Speaker of the High Senate.

Your presence is hereby formally requested at the meeting of the Senate
Whole, one week preceding the Aleathian Half-Moon celebrations.

You shall be expected to bring a token of your fealty to Alaeth.
You are called forth as a representative of your people and any agreements bound by you shall also bind those you represent.

You shall be expected to reaffirm all current oaths and bonds to Alaeth.
Should you be unable to attend, a replacement shall be provided for your presence. Should you fail to appoint a replacement, all current agreements with Alaeth shall be unbound.

Your messenger has been given all information deemed necessary for your visit. You will be expected to bring your own guard of no more than two persons, and any provisions they may need. You are also allowed to bring a single companion. Adequate provisions have been given to your messenger for yourself and one other, however you may enrich this as you see fit. Consider this document your official rite of entry into the Grand Hall when you arrive.

Yours in Honor,
Voice Arala, Speaker of the Senate Grand.


Other details:
Characters start at level 6.
Characters start with 13'000Gp.
Each Character is given a free item of the DM's choosing.
Each character is given a free home worth 1000g in a homeland somewhere in the world.

Current Player Characters:
An Awakened Dog (Ranger/Fighter).
A Mindspy. (Not definite).
A Dwarven Defender or Minotaur Barbarian. (He's undecided).
A Swashbuckling Pirate/Rogue Half Elf.

The already given magical items are: A Handy Haversack, An Adamantium Dagger, A ring of Fast Healing 1, Hand of Glory, and "Schroedinger's Box" (Summons undead cats). Oh and a free "Glamered" enchantment on one piece of armor.

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