Friday, August 17, 2007

On a less serious note: DnD

Ok, enough philosophy for a while.

One of my Hobbies is D&D. I effectively have my DM on speed dial. Stop laughing.

My favourite part being character creation. The downside of this is I'm not always honest with my DM, and it doesn't nurture an atmosphere of trust. For example, I might ask something simple like "Can I ride my animal companion?" I might neglect to mention my animal companion is something like a sparrow and I'm a Half-Orc. That's a bit extreme, and I think the DM might actually hurt me for doing that, but you see my DM is generally a bit hesitant to take back things he has said ok to. So tricks are often worthwhile.

Right now I have a pretty kickass character riding a large wolf animal companion.
The wolf is the animal companion equivalent of a level 10 Druid.
I'm level 9.
I have no ranks in Druid.

This was garnered from quite a few "Hey would it be alright if I ....." without fully explaining the consequences. Needless to say, my wolf recently fought an undead Tyrannosaur and won.

Something fun I might try next: Artificer/Alchemist
We run simultaneous scenarios so that more people have a chance to DM.

We usually boost characters up to level 6 rather than start at the beginning and we usually spread out 13'000gc. What I plan to do next is basically ask if I can use up my "Free XP" I get from Artificer levels, to create items to put in my backpack. (Articer would get 650 "Free XP"), which to me just means about 15 uses of dust of dryness in the pouch in my Handy haversack.

Change that to 1 big ball of used dust of dryness and you have 1500 gallons of water you can instantly unleash, (That's about 42 bathtubs worth, or 100 kegs of beer, and would weigh about 3.5 times as much as your average car), all just waiting for the next time a Tyrannosaur tries to swallow me.

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